SEE ENERGY - Connect & Supply II 2020
Veliko nam je zadovoljstvo da Vas pozovemo na meト爽narodnu konferenciju SEE ENERGY - Connect & Supply II 2020 u Novom Sadu, koju organizuje Nacionalna Asocijacija za biomasu...
Agenda SEE Energy konferencija -  II
SEE Energy – Connect & Supply II22-23.04.2020. HOTEL „SHERATON“, Polgar Andraša br.1, Novi Sad, Srbija Preuzmite agendu klikom ovde.  
BIOMASA 窶 potencijal za rast, 16. i 17. novembar 2017.
Poštovani,  Nacionalna asocijacija za biomasu SERBIO, zajedno sa Skupštinom AP Vojvodine i Skupštinom evropskih regija, organizuje meト爽narodnu konferenciju...
Biomasa u javnim objektima i sistemima daljinskog grejanja
28. Aprila, u saradnji sa kompanijom „Energy Net“ iz Kaトa, Nacionalna asocijacija za biomasu SERBIO odrナセala je radnu konferenciju na temu „Biomasa u javnim objektima i sistemima...
SEE ENERGY - Connect & Supply II 2020
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Agenda SEE Energy konferencija -  II
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Biomasa u javnim objektima i sistemima daljinskog grejanja
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Izaナ。ao je drugi broj Balkan Green Energy News

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Izaナ。ao je drugi broj Balkan Green Energy News



Heinz Kopetz, World Bioenergy Association president

Heating market emerging, but needs policy support

In the Balkan countries and in Turkey the energy policy is focused on fossil and nuclear energy sources rather than on renewables, says Heinz Kopetz, president of the World Bioenergy Association (WBA).

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Vojislav Milijic, SERBIO president

Biomass in the Western Balkans: Why don窶冲 we use our wood biomass potentials?

Legislative and regulatory frameworks and support mechanisms aimed to increase the usage of biomass and other renewable energy sources are developing. Investors interested in biomass utilisation in district heating...

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Financial insights

Qendresa Rugova, Burg Capital GmBH

Challenges to financing renewables projects in the Balkans

Balkan countries, with their vast untapped renewable energy potential, have adopted obligatory binding targets for renewable energy, but have struggled to mobilize capital to fund and bring projects to fruition. It is estimated...

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Expertise, know-how, innovation at Renexpo trade fair

The second RENEXPO Western Balkans, a two-day trade fair with accompanying conferences, was held in Belexpocentar in Belgrade. Gabriela Bennemann, head...

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Construction works for Krnovo wind project about to launch

Early May is set for the start of the development of first electricity generation system powered by wind in Montenegro, the country窶冱 Economy Ministry told...

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Slovenia plans to build Moraト溝 hydro plant with Turkey

President of Slovenia Borut Pahor said possibilities for expansion of cooperation with Turkey exist, namely in constructing the Moraト溝 hydroelectric power...

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SIDA grants EUR 2 million for Prijedor CHP plant

The contract for a donation in a biomass-powered district heating plant project in Prijedor was signed by the town窶冱 mayor Marko Paviト and the representatives...

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ELEM activates Slovenia's Riko EUR 5.6 million guarantees

The bank guarantees provided by Slovenia窶冱 Riko worth EUR 5.6 million were activated, state-owned power producer ELEM said on April 9. The foreign...

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Legal battle won for 33 wind parks plan of 1.08 GW in Crete

Council of State, the supreme administrative court, gave the temporary go-ahead and opened the way for the planned construction of 33 wind parks...

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Government cancels contracts for 30 hydro plants

Licenses for the construction and use of 30 power plants throughout Albania were cancelled by the country窶冱 government for their 窶枅ailure to meet obligations,窶 after...

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Yトアldトアz: 4 GW to be added in 2015, mostly from renewables

Turkey will add 4 GW to electricity production capacity in 2015, energy minister Taner Yトアldトアz said, adding 95 percent will be provided through local and...

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EU Sustainable Energy Week Policy Conference announcement

European Commission窶冱 initiative EU Sustainable Energy Week (Eusew), which first took place in 2006, announced its 2015 Policy Conference will be held from...

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